The Talent Show with Georgie Bee on Thursday 23rd September at 8pm

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Georgie Bee presents her Fancy Bonkette of a Banquet on our very own Stagette, delivering every one of her salacious, salubrious numbers ever served. The talented teaser who'll dilate your pupils with her hilarious, quirky and now legendary shows.

Three course meal with wine. If booking tickets separately in a party please let us know who'll you'll be joining.


Roasted Butternut Squash Salad w/ Feta, Pomegranate, Rocket and Tahini Harissa Dressing

Lemon and Herb Stuffed Corn Fed Roaming Chicken w/

Tarragon Mash and Roasted Courgette and Cauliflower

Plum Crumble w/ Cream

Vegetarian Option: Spinach, Feta and Preserved Lemon Filo Parcel.

Vegan: Spinach, Tofu and Preserved Lemon Filo Parcel.

Please Specify Vegan/Vegetarian options upon booking.

Half a bottle of wine with dinner.



No frills but all thrills, an invigorating evening with Fancy Shews! A Pioneer of London's drag scene, Fancy has taken her work as far as Athens, Beirut and Bognor Regis. Star and co-writer of the world's  first outdoor seated home theatre production 'Covidet' alongside long time extremely famous woman A Man To Pet, everyone knows who she is and anyone who doesn't wants to know. Muse of bigwigs such as Gareth Pugh, Fka Twigs, Byredo and more, she brings the Joie de Vivre without taking herself too seriously.