Jeff-A-Nory Special Screening of 'Rio' September 30th at 8pm Over Dinner and Wine

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Jeff-A-Nory - A filmic and personal story telling the slice of social history situated towards the end of the 80s. Jeffrey Hinton’s celluloid triptych meanders into a series of magical moments and crushing realities... Rio Janeiro gay carnival post military dictatorship which ended in 1985, underpinned with the tragedy of the global AIDS crisis, juxtaposed with scenes of London life-a camp outing to Vauxhall to experience the raw & shady glamour of The Elephant & Castle AMATEUR drag competition. And then a home happening, a Tupperware party at number 70 Godwin Court where an unwitting representative encounters London’s subcultural scene of the time.


Our Brazilian BBQ will finish off the season of queering's and peering's through the misted glass of time, out from the kitchenette Mr Hornecker shall conjure a carnival inspired:

Brochette of Colours, Roasted Peppers, Courgettes, Sweet Potato, Aubergines-

served with Rice, Black Beans and Salsa

or perhaps rumba depending on mood and perhaps a South American vino will be sufficed as an homage to the homage.

The final Waffle of-

Passion, Fruits and Gaylato Gelato-

will be trotted out and answered by Jeffrey to your satiated tummy’s but hungry ears with the final dash of Rum’ baaaaing into the moonlit sky.


Please of advise of dietaries before arrival (add a note at checkout).