The Pale Blue Pool. Take Your Poolside Pew For Our Voyeurs Visage of Men UnDressage!

The Pale Blue Pool

As the giant clock on the white tiled wall chimed midday, one sock on, one sock off and his trousers briefly resting between their cycle of dressing and undressing, he nestled into his beef sandwich, the sound of his crisp packet briefly breaking his solitary day awaiting a chance glimpse of a cock wedged between the first bus out of his village and the last bus home.

From the steam of the showers emerged a vision like a mirage of a glorious future to come.

A Greek Goddess of a half naked drag queen, carried by 4 Speedoed men the likes of which he’d only drooled over in the underwear section of his Littlewoods catalogue began to serenade him in a perfectly synchronised seismic swirl of desire, transporting him into the realms of a TOTP music video and shattering his loneliness. Leaping up from his lunch, he readjusted his half dressed attire into a belly top, with jeans quickly hacked short to reveal boots stacked high he squealed with delight as they all danced off to London, never to be seen again.

It’s The Pale Blue Pool, a night at the baths quite like no other, so lather up and come for a splash!

Bottomless Prosecco Sunday Brunches Added!


Amused Bikinied Bouche A Man To Pet

Double Roasted Cauliflower, Beetroot, Spinach and Cashew Salad w Tahini Orange Outfit

Beefie Boys serving your Meat Rare, Top-Side w Saucy Peppercorn
Horse-Hung-Radish Mash
Flamboyant Florets of Chilli Piqued Broccoli, Shower Steamed

Warm Chocolate Orange Brownie w Ginger Boys Cream

Half a Bottle of wine per person

Vegetarians and Vegans gladly serviced, please advise of dietaries upon booking.


£50 per head. Please book in your social bubbles. Appropriate distance will be adhered to between groups, hand sanitiser provided and temperatures taken upon arrival.

Covid Clause, if god forbid we do go back into lockdown, refunds or postponement offered.

Friday 2nd October 7 or 7.15pm SOLD OUT
Saturday 3rd October 7 or 7.15pm SOLD OUT

Thursday 8th October 7 or 7.15pm
Friday 9th October 7 or 7.15pm SOLD OUT
Saturday 10th October 7 or 7.15pm SOLD OUT
Sunday 11th October 2pm SOLD OUT
Thursday 15th October 7 or 7.15pm SOLD OUT
Friday 16th October 7 or 7.15pm SOLD OUT
Saturday 17th October 7 or 7.15pm SOLD OUT
Sunday 18th October 2pm SOLD OUT

Secret East London Location will be revealed 7 days before the event. Click below to book via; be sure to tell us the date and arrival time you'd like.



Pencil in your bubbles of up to 6 at our annual Christmas Panto!

No payment will be required until full details provided November 1st but your spots will be held.
Hoping we can all celebrate together safely!

December 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th.

Sharpen those pencils! Christmas isn’t Christmas without your annual visit to PBD Panto!